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Viking/Saxon Tunics Linen and Wool and Thorsburg Trousers

Tunics: These are machine made with the exception of the collar, cuffs  and hem which are all hand stitched.

Tunics can be made from either wool or linen (wool being more expensive, but warmer than linen).  Current costs for linen are about £10 a metre and wool from £15 up to £25  a meter.  Alternatively you can provide us with your own material.  

The pictures show Tunics with added embroidery and tablet braid. If you require embroidery please contact me to discuss design and prices.

Thorsburgh Trousers are made to give you the most Dynamic movements as a Warrior.   There is a choice of Linen/Wool

If you require all hems to be hidden there will be an additional cost of £20.

Any added tablet braid or coloured appliques at a cost of £10.

As a guide expect linen tunics to start at £85, (wool from £95), and linen or wool trousers from £80, (this includes a tollen braid belt).   As all items are made to measure please call to discuss the amount of material required and the cost.

How to buy

Buying is easy, rather than have complicated menus and drop down lists for size, colour, style and finish which would lead to lots of similar outfits, all you have to do is call Michele at Iduna Crafts on 07955 059 535 or use the form.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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